Saturday, November 20, 2004

Steven Flynn's Birthday @ Mix

Steven Flynn's 50th Birthday @ Mix (Crescent Heights/Santa Monica) - Patio seating for 25 people, great atmosphere, perfect lighting (Outdoor lanterns + candles, reflected by white walls)

1. Butter glazed rosemary rolls with green olive/pesto tapenade
2. Pumpkin Soup - pureed, strained pumpkin with a dollop of crème fraîche (Red wine: unidentified, dry, not too oaky, full finish)
3. Chicories and bosc pear salad with a nibble of battered fried cheese (goat?)
4. Halibut (a bit overcooked) built vertically over pureed potatoes with a red wine reduction sauce of haricot vert (green beans), lobster mushroom, wild tomato
5. Chocolate soufflé with side of créme anglaise (Coffee with real cream, Port - Dow's Colheita Reserve Single Year Tawny, 1982)

Seating arrangement: Three long tables, seating about 8 each

Great friends: Steven & Tim, Rob & Jen Wilkinson, Blair & Jen Green, Dan & Michelle, Michelle Hagen (sans partner Lynn), Reid & Ian

Dinner Conversation: foodies, films, life, Steven turning 50 (shock!), recovering Catholics, Steven becoming a reverend of the Universal Church to perform Carlotta's wedding, superstar lesbian moms, buying real estate in L.A. (impossible), Ecuador trip (Blair & Jen), second careers, gossip (Roya offending Julie), work: academy campaigns for Focus (Motorcycle Diaries & Eternal Sunshine).

It was an honor to celebrate with Steven and Tim, as they looked perpetually young, armed with great stories and a grand spirit one can only aspire to.

Steve driving the golf cart very fast around the studio backlot.


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