Saturday, November 20, 2004

Vikki's Bday (Malibu Seafood, Buddha's Belly)

I kidnapped Vikki for the day, so my brother can surprise us at dinner. I gave Vikki the choice of the Westside (the Getty) or Eastside (MoCA) and she decided West. First stop, bobas from Volcano for our long ride to Malibu Seafood, the best fish 'n chips joint in the county. I didn't realize Vikki wasn't willing to break her healthy habits and was unable to convince her to share fish 'n chips with me. Instead, she got the grilled swordfish, rice pilaf and salad. No stopping me, I got clam strips 'n chips (with plenty of malt vinegar and ketchup) and New England clam chowder (vs. Boston which is red and tomato, not cream based).

Afterwards, we went to the Getty and did some shopping before meeting James, my brother, and Gregg Bennett, for dinner at Buddha's Belly. Of course we get there, and neither one of them is there to "surprise" us. I make an excuse to "go to the restroom" and called both. Gregg was right around the corner and James was lost (as usual). While waiting for James's arrival (Vikki still had no idea) and our table, lychee fusion cocktails kept us festive.

Finally, we were seated out on the heated patio, surrounded by bamboo trees. We shared the ahi tuna eggrolls, eggplant in miso sauce, spicy calamari salad, ahi tuna burger with sweet potato fries, and peanut noodles with chicken and shrimp. For dessert we shared pumpkin gelato in a mini pumpkin and sesame buns. For an encore, Gregg brought back a lemon rasberry cake from Sweet Lady Jane which we shared delightfully while watching new Beastie Boys videos/concert footage I assembled on a DVD for James.


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