Monday, December 13, 2004


After taking James & Vikki hostage, they turned around and kidnapped me the rest of Sunday. We ate junk food and James convinced us to go shopping. Of course, he ended up with nothing while Vikki and I made out like bandits. (I picked out a holiday gift for Vikki & James to get me -- what horrible, but practical, holiday etiquette). I bought myself a Nuala yoga skirt (you're right, whatev MHP), more American Apparel shirts (my uniform), and very fun Marc Jacobs sandals. Ooh la la. I love them but am feeling a bit guilty about the price tag (even on sale). It's hard kicking a shoe habit. I promised James & Vikki I would wear the sandals to my culinary final -- let's see how long before I kiss the concrete.

What did we eat? A Rocky Mountain candied apple that tasted like apple pie. How do they do that? It's deadly. Stay away from processed mall food. But, not before having a buttery Auntie Anne's pretzel. See guys, I'm not above mall food. Fun stuff.

We ended the day at Hurry Curry. We're surmising the place changed owners and altered recipes. Everything tasted off -- too oily, sweet, and runny. And, no croquettes. I ordered Tokyo curry specifying "very spicy." It was neither spicy in flavor nor temperature. It'll be a while before we go back. Sorry, James, I know it's one of your faves. At least you're happy riding Herbie!


Blogger Arethusa said...

I could have warned you about that restaurant! We have one here called "Curry in a Hurry" and fits your review to a tee. Must be related.

Never feel guilty about buying Jacobs. I wore my Marc black & white mini dress on Friday night and felt almost beautiful.

9:10 PM  
Blogger MHP said...

Areth, I bet you were gorgeous (without the dress even). You're right, I don't feel that guilty, but I have to feign some modesty. They're pretty sexy shoes & I bet would've matched your dress perfectly.

9:26 PM  
Blogger darth said...

mmmm...croquettes...can you believe in tokyo they have restaurants that just serve croquettes? AND they have them to go?

4:18 PM  
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