Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Maki's Input

I'm slowly introducing family and close friends to this site and my new venture. Today I told one of my closest friends, the wonderful (and you'll agree, very funny) Jeff Maki. He asked me what I was doing for New Year's as it's one of my favorite holidays. Past memories have been that of Giant or slipping out of town (or down a whole flight of stairs in Gucci stilettos), but this year I plan on being here, working. I told Maki this and I forwarded him this URL.

Maki's response follows (still warming my heart hours later):
Wow. And I was just wondering what I would do when I quit Chiat. I could be a bartender at your restaurant. Or a valet? Or a pianist? Or a bathroom attendant? Or a maitre ‘d?

Wait, I don’t play piano.

Exciting, Minh. A restaurant is exactly the right kind of venture for you. Besides the fact that you love food and are a super talented cook, it will be something that you can pour every bit of obsessive compulsive energy you have into. And then you can enjoy a glass of nice wine at the end of each day in your quiet, freshly cleaned place and contemplate how you can improve upon it the next.

Very exciting.
You can be all and I'm going to hold you to it. You so hit it on the head. I'm really excited, but it's already a lot of work and I don't even have a kitchen nor patrons.

It's going to be fun.

I figured, why not now? I will always write, I will direct a feature when the time is right, right now I just want to cook and feed people.
Wouldn't that be a great name for your restaurant?

“I just want to cook and feed people.”

People get so metaphorical and fancy with names, just put it out there. Let people know what you're all about.
In Maki's honor, I'll have to have t-shirts made that say “I just want to cook and feed people." I'll also have to remember my other idea about "Share your food." Will play with that and make t-shirts later. I'm like a sorority sister or mid 1990 dotcom employee: a t-shirt for every occasion.


Blogger Arethusa said...

As a sorority sister I A-ok that move. :thumbup:

6:33 PM  
Blogger Bella_by_Barlight said...

Maybe your menu can come with a play-bill such as "Maki - on piano" and "Bella - writer in residence".

When I complete my utterly useless degree at the end of the summer I was planning on going to Italia, but a trip to LA sounds good too (as well). I promise to look mysterious and arty, or friendly and approachable depending on your aesthetic preference. :P

7:53 PM  
Blogger darth said...

hey..i'm blogging about sharing food right

10:05 PM  
Blogger the hun said...

Can I be a waitress there?

9:45 AM  
Blogger apple said...

Oh my, I just clicked on your link and this is a whole new side to you, thanks for sharing. I'm so impressed by your creativity and commitment.. sounds like you're well prepared and motivated to work hard for your dream, making success so well-deserved.

7:16 PM  
Blogger MHP said...

Share your food, dammit!

Everyone, come visit, be a waiter/tress for a day. Would love to have you.

Apple, welcome.

10:01 AM  
Blogger c said...

"I just want to cook and feed people."

I've been watching the first series of Twin Peaks on DVD. My two favourite bits both involve food (not cherry pie) and the character Jerry Horne.

The first is episode 2 when he comes back from France with some baguettes with butter and brie that he gets just so unbelieveably ecstatic about. . . Butter. Brie. Bread. It's that simple.

The other is when he's all googly eyed over Icelandic goddess Heppa and he says, as definitive proof of his ardent and unconditional love: "Heppa . . . I want to cook for you."

MP, you must be one loved up chick.

2:41 PM  
Blogger darth said...

c, that scene reminded me of the scene in Diva, where the zen guy is talking about the perfect french baguette, not too fresh, not to was just so perfect.

9:32 PM  
Blogger MHP said...

C, I'm a very, very lucky woman indeed. Even luckier now that you're here. Films and food, you're making a better blog of this already.

3:12 AM  

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